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Repetitive Stress Injuries


Repetitive stress injuries are caused when too much stress is placed on a joint as a result of the same action being performed over and over.

Specific kinds of repetitive stress injury are caused by certain actions. Bicipital tendinitis is often caused by using the arm to make repeated scrubbing motions. Tennis elbow is caused by repeatedly bending the wrist backwards with force, such as when playing tennis or painting with a brush. Golfer's elbow is caused by repeatedly bending the wrist forward with force, such as when pulling ropes or golfing. DeQuervain's tendosynovitis is caused by repeated pinching or twisting of the wrist. Housemaid's knee is caused by kneeling or leaning forward for a long period of time, such as when scrubbing the floor.

Some forms of tendinitis and bursitis may also be caused by diseases such as rheumatoid (pronounced room-a-toid) arthritis, gout, psoriatic (pronounced sore-ee-at-ick) arthritis, Reiter's (pronounced rit-urz) syndrome, thyroid disease and diabetes.

Our Therapist can initiate a program designed to help you understand how you can impact your condition when away from your therapy sessions. Therapeutic intervention will include modalities to reduce inflammation, manual activities to increase range of motion as well as strengthening to the injured area. Postural awareness is also a key component to avoiding stressful positions and activities.