A Physical Therapist Owned and Operated Clinic

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Our Services

Our facility has two private treatment areas and a rehabilitation gym. The gym is equipped with Vigor Gym®, Exercise Mat Platforms, Parallel Bars, Medical Exercise Equipment, Cable Machines, Dumbbells, Pulley Systems and more. Modalities, treatments and services provided include: (Click gray links below for more information)


Orthopedic Conditions

Our patients can rest assured they are receiving the most effective, up-to-date hands-on techniques and modalities to affect positive changes in their bodies. We customize therapeutic exercise programs for every patient to ensure the best and fastest results. Finally, we teach all of our patients how to perform the necessary exercises and stretches to expedite recovery and avoid future injury.




           ● Sports Injuries

           ● Work Injuries                
Auto Injuries                       
                Pre/Post Surgical Conditions

                Repetitive Stress Injuries







                                           Industrial Injuries

Commitment to serving the needs of employers while providing excellent care for their injured employees is the goal of BenchMark's Injury Management Program. Designed to decrease the incidence and severity of workplace injuries, our system also facilitates a timely return to work for injured workers. Individual employee rehabilitation is delivered by our facility and includes but not limited to:





     Work Conditioning
     Functional Capacity Evaluations
     Back Therapy
     Postural Education
     Hand Therapy





Our Staff shares expertise and passion for working with elderly patients. We take pride in our interactive treatment techniques and customized programs. We strive to work closely with our patients and their physicians to identify rehabilitation goals and maximize physical therapy benefits. If you or your family member would benefit from physical therapy, our caring staff will arrange for your immediate consultation.  



                ● Arthritis 
                ● Osteoporosis / Fractures
                ● Stroke Rehab
                ● Neuromuscular Disorders
                ● Vestibular Disturbances
                ● Balance Problems
                Pain Management





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