A Physical Therapist Owned and Operated Clinic

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Why Us?


We Are a Physical Therapist Owned and Operated Clinic.
Numerous studies have determined that patients' costs are significantly higher at rehab facilities not owned and operated by Physical Therapists. Many of these facilities are not required by law to hire full-time licensed Physical Therapists or to refer patients to an independent Physical Therapist for treatment.
Therefore, patients with serious injuries, degenerative disorders or post-operative impairments do not get the specialized medical treatment they deserve.You should not settle for anything less.

Continuity of Care.
Most rehab facilities in the Rio Grande Valley do not have a licensed Physical Therapist on-site eight hours a day, five days a week. Instead, they hire techs to administer treatments without adequate supervision from a licensed Physical Therapist. This lack of a Continuity of Care between a patient and his/her Physical Therapist generally extends a patient's recovery time, resulting in overutilization of services, higher costs and an overall lower quality of care.


At Benchmark Physical Therapy, patients are evaluated and always treated by the same Doctor of Physical Therapy. A patient's condition is consistently monitored and assessed by our Physical Therapist and modifications to the plan of care are made and implemented when immediately appropriate. This is accomplished throughout the patient's rehabilitation, assuring the fastest, safest and most cost-effective recovery; which translates to the highest possible standard of care.

Reputation Matters.
Benchmark Physical Therapy holds itself to the highest ethical standards of practice. Because we are a Physical Therapist owned and operated clinic, our success as a business depends solely on the merited loyalty of our patients and those in the medical community who refer to us. This loyalty is tied to positive patient outcomes and satisfaction with the services we provide.


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