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Stroke Rehab

The problems you have after a stroke depend on what part of your brain was affected and how much damage the stroke caused. People who have had a stroke often have:

  • Problems with movement and sensation. You may have pain, numbness, or tingling in your arms and legs; muscle stiffness or spasms; weakness; and trouble with walking and moving. You may have problems with your sense of touch or how well you feel hot and cold, trouble swallowing and eating, and urinary or bowel problems.
  • Problems seeing things on one side of the body. If you do not turn your head to that side, you may forget or ignore that side of your body.
  • Problems with language and thinking. You may not be able to understand written or spoken language, read or write, or express your thoughts. You may also have problems with memory and learning.

You have the greatest chance of regaining your abilities during the first few months after a stroke, so it is important to start rehab right away and to do as much as you can every day.

Our Therapist has considerable experience in delivering better therapy outcomes for individuals who have suffered a stroke or other neurological condition. We can help you regain function and maximize your strength, endurance and independence so you can carry on with the day-to-day activities you enjoy. In addition, we also address the need for intervention in assisting you with strategies for improving balance.